7 Key Elements To Building The Perfect Sales Funnel – Lessons Learned From A $100,000 Launch

7 key elements to building the perfect sales funnel

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

– Hannibal Smith

We just finished up a massive launch for one of our clients and we wanted to share the 7 key elements to building the perfect sales funnel.

Some of the background:
-This is an Instagram influencer with 1.7M followers in the medical niche.-This is a front-end product sales funnel, it’s a purchase of a monthly or annual program.-She came to us not really knowing what she wanted to offer.-This sales funnel was built, tested, and launched in 5 days.-This “Early Bird” pricing was $9.97 / mo or $67 / yr.

Over the course of the first week:
– Gross revenue: $63,486 in one week, $100k+ in less than 2 months.- Ad Spend: $3,221- Ad Revenue: $17,196 (27% of week-long revenue)- Return on Ad Spend: 5.3x- Organic Revenue: $46,290

Here are the 7 key elements to building the perfect sales funnel:


A lot of times people will try to create a sales funnel around some product (yes, product, not offer) that they think will sell. Then they launch it with $500 in ad spend and nothing happens. Hate to break it to you, but there was no demand to begin with. Luckily, I had the chance to easily survey 10,000 of her followers using Google Forms to see what they liked, didn’t, etc. Remember to validate the offer by asking questions.


Leverage was key when it came to promoting this at scale to her followers. Luckily, she has a die-hard group of 1.7 million followers that love her content. Without that, we would have relied on a network of affiliates and partners to promote this quickly. A lot of people try to rely solely on ads or one type of traffic source for their funnels. Don’t Do That. Find affiliates, influencers, or others who can promote it for you.

-Ready, Fire, Aim.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours tweaking the funnel to get it just right. Stop messing around with button colors, branding, and all the other B.S. that keeps you from launching it to the world. Here’s a secret…no one cares if your button is light blue or navy blue. What matters is if you have a good HOOK, your STORY reels them in, and your OFFER is irresistible.


So we know that we need to “hurry up and go”, however with a follower count this size, I was able to immediately see what areas of the funnel needed revision or fixing. It’s pretty cool to see 20,000 clicks to your sales page come in 2 hours. It’s not cool to realize you forgot to change the countdown to the correct time.


It’s very important to stay on schedule and stick to the PLAN when promoting the sales funnel. This means prepare content schedules and outlines sooner than the hour before she’s supposed to go live.


With this large-scale launch, I was lucky enough to be a part of a great team. (I wasn’t the only one doing everything.) I shout praise for Slack to keep us all in communication and informed.

-Long Game.

Too many times people forget that this is a long game. They get so caught up on the Fast Money aspect. There are people that have made near instantaneous millions through their funnels, but they have all used leverage to achieve it. Don’t forget that you are building a business. It takes time. Businesses grow and develop like a tree, so nurture it, feed it, and build it up.

Hope this helps provide some clarity to those stuck in the funnels or about to launch.
We can’t wait to see your success! 🙂

If you want to learn more about launching a successful online product, then we would love for you to check out our in-depth video case study here:


BONUS: Here’s a walk through of the first week during this specific sales funnel launch!


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