What To Do If Your Black Friday Promotion Flops

Now that the dust has settled from Black Friday 2022, entrepreneurs across the world have had time to analyze the success of their own Black Friday promotion. For some, it’s a day of high revenue and shattered records. For others… not so much. However, it’s important to understand that just because your BFCM email campaign did not produce the results you wanted does NOT mean that it’s a failure! In fact, just a quick google search will provide you with 475,000,000 results related to why marketing campaigns fail. But more importantly, every single “losing” campaign is full of wins and lessons. And in this post, I’m sharing four tips to help you discover them!

Take A Deep Breath

Speaking from personal experience, I know how bad it sucks when a marketing campaign flops. But what’s beautiful about marketing, and business as a whole, is that this campaign does not define you, nor does it define the future of your business. And what’s special about marketing on the internet is that we have DATA! 

So, first… take a real deep breath. Because you’re about to go from anxiety to answers. 

Dig Into The Data

Jay-Z has a famous lyric that says “numbers don’t like, check the scoreboard”. And although Mr. Z was not referring to online business specifically… he’s absolutely right! Aside from not freaking out, the most important thing you can do after a “bad” launch is to analyze the heck out of it. 

For example: Let’s say your Black Friday promotion was a special offer for half-off your most popular pre-recorded online course, training, workshops, etc. And you promoted it specifically to your email list, which pushed traffic to this product’s sales page. The numbers that are important to dissect from this campaign are:

Email Opens: 

How many people actually opened the email(s)? Hopefully, you sent more than one email. So you would want to look at TOTAL opens for the campaign along with INDIVIDUAL opens by email. The number one factor that determines open rate success is your email subject line. 

Email Click Thru Rate (CTR): 

How many people clicked the link to go to the sales page? As stated above, measure the entire campaign, but also break it down by email. There are more factors affecting CTR than open rate, but

Sales Page Conversion Rate: 

How many people purchased out of the total number of people who landed on the page? In most cases, a combination of your offer, headline, copy and pricing make up the reason why people don’t buy. People want to feel like they’re getting an unbelievable deal!

Step Back Up To The Plate

Now that we’ve pored through our numbers like Nicholas Cage deciphering the map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, it’s time to prepare for our next campaign. Because the best part about a marketing campaign flopping is that you get to learn exactly what not to do next time! And even further, you are now armed with more experience and more data than you had before, positioning you for success as we head into 2023 and beyond.

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