Do What Works, Forget The Rest: How To Build Your SYSTEM The Smart Way

109k launch stats

I thought I’d share a quick success story, and then show you how how to build your system the smart way. Simple enough, right? Remember that post about the ‘Lessons Learned From A $100,000 Launch’? Well, I just ran across it again, and I could NOT stop reading!

If you missed it, don’t read another word until you go check it out:

7 Key Elements To Building The Perfect Sales Funnel – Lessons Learned From A $100,000 Launch

Seriously, it’s worth the read. Okay, now back to this!

We recently finished another incredibly profitable $109,000 launch with one of our amazing clients and I wanted to share the GREAT lessons we learned. 

So, let’s get right to it! At the beginning of this year, we built a group coaching marketing system for a fantastic client of ours. Now, she’d been creating sporadic programs and offers for a while with little to no return. There was no uniformity, and she was in desperate need of some guidance. 

She was so lost that even her followers were getting dizzy trying to keep up with all the offers, and her income was unpredictable at best! Sometimes she’d be flying high, and other times, business was just scraping by, waiting for the next big offer. 

It was a nightmare, so we proposed a simple idea… What if we honed in on what she truly loved doing and created a flagship offer around it? [We call this the process of the Minimum Viable Offer (MVO)] The problem was simple and honestly, not a bad one to have. She had so much experience to share but lacked the direction to get it to her audience. 

Her solution: A monthly group coaching program designed to help you reach six figures (and beyond!) in your business. With this new found clarity, we began working on a way for her to get her message out to as many people as possible. All in all, we built social media advertisements, a week-long launch sequence to announce live streams as well as cart reopen sequences, two versions of the sales page for different prices, an order form, a thank you page, and a waitlist. (Pro Tip: It does not need to be complicated.) 

For Version 1, the regular price is a one time payment of $2,485, or 6 monthly payments of $497 ($2,982 total), and Version 2 was priced at $3,765, or 6 monthly payments of $697 ($4,182 total). After reading the sales page, students can click over to the order form to purchase 6 Figure Breakthrough. 

There were 2 price points tested for this launch. After purchasing, students are taken to a thank you page and get an email with further directions. There are no upsells in this funnel during the launch. It was a HUGE success!


The funnel did $109,000 in January 2020 with an Average Cart Value of $1,730.

  • Version 1 received 493 unique page views with 117 people clicking over to the order form (23.68% of page visitors). The order form gathered 161 opt ins. This is where people filled out the first part (name, email, address) of the 2-step order form.

This likely means there were multiple people who filled in the first part, left the page when they got to putting in their credit card, and filled out the first part again later In total, 63 people purchased the program (53.85% conversion rate).

  • Version 2 received 81 unique page views with 10 people moving to the order form (12.35% of page visitors). The order form gathered 6 opt ins.

But the hype is meaningless compared to the experience.

The understanding we gained while reviewing and tweaking our system allowed us to grow and share the results with others. A good rule of thumb is to tweak what doesn’t work, and duplicate what does. So, how can YOU save yourself stress, time, energy, and money by working smart instead of hard? Building your own SYSTEM comes down to 5 simple points:

Know Your Brand

If you don’t understand your vision, then no one else will. It’s that simple! How can you expect others to be confident enough to invest in your offer if your message isn’t clear. Take some time to write down your vision. Go into detail, and write it down. Develop the same habits as the people who are where you’d like to be. Be prepared to share your vision with everyone you meet. And don’t worry about negativity. Not everyone fits your audience. Remember, effective marketing is all about clarity.

Understand Your Offer

Once you know your brand’s vision, it is vital to understand your product, and really the benefits behind it. It’s the sizzle that draws us in, not the steak, so become aware of why your offer is in demand. If it’s not, then create a new offer. You CANNOT “create demand” no matter how much money you pile into the Facebook machine. You can only “channel” a preexisting demand toward YOUR solution.

Describe Your Audience

To fully understand a market’s desires, you must familiarize yourself with it’s problems. Become an expert middleman. Intimately identify the people who experience the problem that your offer solves. Write down both their demographics AND emotional behavior. By describing your audience in great detail, you’ll be able to frame your presentation to perfectly target the people who need your offer the most.


Find Your Leverage

You know your brand, understand your offer, and have described your audience. Now, it is vital to find leverage which you can use to increase your SYSTEM. This could be a large, devoted audience or a group of passionate affiliate influencers to increase traffic. It could also look like a highly qualified funnel building or email marketing team. Leverage is any asset that provides you with an edge. You should also be aware of your liabilities and weaknesses. Don’t go into a campaign by blindly spending money and ending up relying on your weak areas while neglecting your business’s strong points.


Build A S.Y.S.T.E.M.

(Have a vision, a goal, a plan, a deadline)

Did you catch this acronym earlier, up a few paragraphs? Well, we love a great system so much that we decided to make it stand for something: Saving You STRESS, TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY.
There are actually only three things you need to do to become profitable and scale your online business. “What are they?!” Well, I’m glad you asked!

  1. Get Attention – get eyeballs on your stuff.
  2. Turn That Attention Into Purchases – lead someone through a simplified and efficient buyer’s journey to take a browser and turn them into a buyer. Most call this the sales funnel.
  3. Follow Up Consistently – the fortune truly is in the follow up.

Alright, we’ve touched on your vision, offer, and audience. it’s time for massive action. Working smart (not hard) begins with three steps:

  1. Set a clear goal that makes you reach without being unattainable.
  2. Develop a detailed plan of action to achieve that goal. I find it helps to work backward from that goal and do the math to find out what it will take to reach it.
  3. Lastly, set a firm deadline. Typically, I set daily goals, then weekly, then quarterly, and finally annual goals. Working backward is especially useful here.

Our company goal is to help 1,000,000 business owners over the next five years, and we’d love to give you the tools you need to build this kind of successful system for your business!

If you want to learn more about launching a successful online product, then we would love to chat with you:

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