8 Steps To Monetize Your Expertise and Skill Set To Make Extra Money Online

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Did you know that when you monetize your expertise and skill set through an online course or coaching program…

You’re opening the doors to one of the easiest ways to create an additional revenue stream.

In this new decade, there will be a HUGE shift from traditional education to online learning. (A $325B shift)



Well, it’s as simple as following a recipe:

Step 1: Determine what you can teach or show the world that CAN add value to someone’s life. Start from the top with the 3 main markets:
-Health (does this improve their health)-Wealth (does this improve their finances)-Relationships (does this improve their social life)
Then you can drill down into more niche categories:
-Health>Gym/Lifting-Wealth>eCommerce Website-Relationships>Dating Coach
Think about how Coach Micheal Burt has his programs, courses, books. In each, he has determined the defined outcome he wants others to experience.

Step 2: Validate this new offer (what you want to ultimately sell) by ASKING.
Ask your audience, friends, colleagues questions related to the context of what you create.You want to get a majority approval of “is this something that others want/interested in.”
We’re not concerned too much with “if they will pay what price”. There are always buyers out there – that comes with good marketing.

Step 3: Create the outline of this new program. Think of this as your syllabus (remember high school or college syllabus days).
You want to lead someone from A to B, B to C, C to D…and so forth. Your goal is to take someone from NOT knowing to…KNOWING. And in turn, they will learn a new skill.

Step 4: Outline your content & record the course. The easiest way to do this is through a slideshow presentation along with a PDF. They can watch the video, get the meat and potatoes of what you’re teaching, and then follow along in the PDF.

Step 5: Determine if you want to bolt-on anything else to increase the value.
For example: if you want to add weekly 1-hour group coaching Zoom calls…you’ve just taken a $300 – $1,000 program and turned it into something you can sell for $2,500.
Another example: if you do a private 30-minute Zoom call with all enrollees, then that increases the perceived value by another $100 – $500 (think estimated hourly rate).

Step 6: You want to launch this new revenue stream out into the world.
We do this through our proprietary “Community Launch” method. We actually just finished up a client’s new course launch with this method and she took in over $108,000 in 2 weeks and she’ll see another $100k over the next 5 months through payment plans.

Our “Community Launch” framework goes like this:

  1. Decide on the main, high-ticket offer you want to sell. For most people this is the $2,500 group coaching program we’ve been talking about so far.
  2. Figure out a complementary training class you can teach that can segue into the main offer. This will be done over 5 days in a $27 “Bootcamp”. This Bootcamp will be hosted online in a pop-up FB group. This gives the effect of a “summer camp” with lots of live engagement and feedback.
  3. Over 7-10 days of promotion, push Attention/Traffic/People to this 5-Day $27 Bootcamp hosted in your new FB Group. You want to run advertisements, do organic social media posting, send lots of emails and messages to your existing list, and get influencers on board to help you promote the heck out of it! Pro Tip: Create a branded workbook that they can follow along with each day.
  4. During the Bootcamp (we think of it as a ‘pressure cooker’ – turning cold prospects to HOT, quickly) you are training, building up rapport, and goodwill. Once again, think of this as “summer camp” because you are there live, interacting with your “Campers”. Remember to send out accountability emails to keep everyone on track and hyped.
  5. Tease your main offer on Day 4. You can open your cart/order form for “early bird” purchases for 24 hours only. You can paint this as a next-level opportunity to work with you directly.
  6. On Day 5, after your quick training, segue into a sales presentation to bridge to your next-level main offer. Instruct them on WHY you are doing this. HOW this can help them achieve even more success. WHAT this offer includes. Paint the picture of success, present the value, give the details, and present the investment to them.
  7. Leave the offer open to purchase from Friday to Monday, sending them objection-breaking and social proof emails each day. Remember to run retargeting advertisements to push people off the fence towards a purchase.
  8. After you close the cart on Monday at midnight, leave it closed Tue, Wed, Thur. You can follow up with everyone showcasing testimonials and social proof from the Bootcamp. Giving them something visual to see success from.
  9. On Friday, re-open the cart for “this weekend only”. Since so many people had been asking you and begging to have it re-opened…you decided to do so. Remember to send out emails, messages, and advertisements for this re-open period.
  10. Sunday at midnight, close it down again. This time for good…or until the next launch.

So, there you have it. Our Community Launch method in a nutshell. We love using that to make our clients $100’s of thousands over a 1 to 3 month period!

Step 7: Once you have these new students enrolled in this new program, get their feedback, get testimonials, lead them hand-in-hand towards the promised land. Get as much data as you can because then it’s time to…

Step 8: Make the sales automated. We help our clients get high ticket course students ($2,000+) with a very simple path of:
– Send people to a case study (problem, agitate, solution format).
– Get them to fill out an assessment (they sell themselves) before booking a call.
– During the call, the client or closer….closes them on the program.
-Rinse & Repeat.

Now, this outline is your winning ticket to capitalize on the e-learning BOOM over the next few years and beyond.

AND…if you already have a course, coaching program, or something similar…it’s time to ramp up your marketing!

Your potential students & clients are out there, waiting for you. Do you have something to offer them?

So, If you have any questions about this, want to explain in more detail, we would be more than happy to answer.

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