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For service-based business owners, our A to Z webinar marketing services offer a complete, hassle-free solution – all you need to do is show up and present.

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Our Impact

Our ROI-focused digital marketing services have generated outsized returns for our clients:









Our Webinar Marketing Campaign Road Map

Our services encompass every facet of a successful webinar campaign, ensuring a seamless experience from A to Z. We’re not just filling virtual seats with strangers; we’re building you a pipeline of engaged leads eager to learn more about your products and services.

Our webinar campaigns are done over 5 stages:



If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning isn’t just a step; it’s the foundation for running successful webinars. We start by understanding your business, its unique selling propositions, and your target audience. Our team collaborates with you to set clear objectives for your webinar, whether it’s lead generation, customer education, or prospect nurturing. We define KPIs to track success and ensure every aspect of the webinar aligns with your business goals.


Our creation phase is all about crafting marketing materials that inform, entice, and compel your audience. Our team crafts all of the marketing assets: from the technical setup to writing captivating copy to designing attractive slides and everything in between. We handle the process A to Z to create a seamless lead generating flow before, during, and after the event. It’s not just a one-off event, but a cornerstone in your digital marketing.


In the world of digital noise, we make your webinars not just heard, but remembered. We leverage a blend of organic and paid advertising strategies to promote your webinar. This includes social media advertisements to targeted audiences, compelling email campaigns to your existing contact list, and engaging social media content that all drive high quality registration.


Our team takes care of it all – all you need to do is show up & present while we orchestrate the “magic” behind the scenes. From triple-checking the technical platforms to audio/video troubleshooting, we ensure everything runs smoothly. This gives you the opportunity to deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience, without the stress of technical issues – positioning your services as the solution to their needs.


We don’t just crunch numbers; we create data stories that anyone can understand. Before, during, and after the webinar, we are tracking attendance, engagement, and conversion metrics to gauge the ROI of the webinar and provide insights for future improvements. This data-driven approach ensures there is a clear & tangible ROI from the webinar marketing campaign. This isn’t just data; it’s a roadmap for continuous refinement and success.

Our End-to-End Webinar
Marketing Services

Our webinar marketing services are designed to cater to the specific needs of service-based businesses. We set up and promote these webinar campaigns with a focus on generating high quality leads and nurturing them effectively. Our webinar marketing services includes:

Webinar Strategy & Planning

Our engagement begins with a planning session to create a detailed webinar strategy, focusing on topic selection, audience targeting, and goal setting for effective lead generation.

Planning Workshop: 1 two hour Planning Workshop that will cover:

Marketing Assets Creation

We create all marketing & promotional assets to attract then engage your target market. This includes the webinar slides, promotional graphics, and digital content, ensuring brand consistency and message clarity.

Presentation Materials:

Web Pages:


Social Content:

Graphics: Any Other Necessary Graphics and/or Page Visuals

Complete Technical Setup

We handle all technical aspects of hosting a webinar:

Promotion & Advertising

Our team executes a tailored promotional plan, utilizing your existing channels and paid advertising to drive high quality registrations. This ensures your webinar reaches your target audience and drives registrations.

Event Execution

We provide technical support so you can host a flawless webinar event: including platform setup, audio-visual checks, and live support during the event.

Post-Webinar Follow-Up & Remarketing

Post-webinar, we engage attendees with follow-up communications, encouraging them to take the next step in your sales funnel.

Performance Analysis & Reporting

We provide detailed reports on the webinar’s performance, such as registrants, attendee engagement, lead generation, and ROI. This gives you actionable insights & next steps to scale up these campaigns.

Tracking Sheet: Track all metrics in a detailed, collaborative sheet:

Recommendations: Analyze data and create recommendations report(s).

The Be Known Webinar Blueprint:

At Be Known, we focus on providing fully-managed webinar marketing services and consulting to generate high quality lead flow, accelerate sales pipeline, and increase ROI.

We do this by understanding your holistic business – leveraging our years of both B2B & B2C experience, proven track record, and adherence to industry best practices.

Our clients don’t just see an increase in webinar registrations; they also experience higher sales conversions and benefit from a well-structured funnel that effectively elevates customers to premium products and services.

Presented below is an example of the webinar funnel architecture – the ‘Be Known Webinar Blueprint’ – that we’ve dialed in over the years:


Our Guarantee

During our initial webinar campaign engagement, we will mutually set realistic targets & KPIs. If these are not met, we will provide support for additional webinars at no extra cost. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is also offered, allowing for a full refund if not satisfied within the first 30 days of the engagement.


Week 1:

Kickoff Call
Onboarding Forms

Week 2:

Strategy Workshop
Campaign Road
Map Creation

Week 3:

Campaign Road
Map Review

Week 4:

Marketing Materials

Week 5:

Technical Setup

Week 6:

System Walkthrough
Call Link & Promo
Pack Delivery

Week 7-8:

Promotion to Drive
Presentation Test Run

Week 9-11:

Perform Initial

Week 10-11:

Follow-Up Marketing
Performance Analysis

Week 12:

Debrief &


To ensure the highest quality of service, we limit our offerings to a maximum of 5 new clients each month. This approach allows us to provide personalized attention and tailor our services to meet your unique business needs.


Our pricing is transparent and flexible, designed to accommodate different business sizes and budgets. Most of our engagements start at the $10,000 mark. The costs depend on what you require, solidified during our discovery process and mutually agreed upon. Our consultative pricing model ensures you only pay for the services you need. Schedule a consultation to get your custom-tailored quote.

Who Does This Work Best For?

Consultants &

Financial Service

Coaches &


Any Company Selling
High-Ticket Services

How Do Webinars Get A Better ROI?

Webinars generate a better ROI as they offer an unmatched opportunity to engage directly with prospects, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust – all key components to generate high quality leads, accelerate your sales pipeline and boost your ROI. Simply put: webinars generate an outsized return compared to any other activity; driving bottom line growth.

Establishes Authority

The best “known” beats the best (product) each & every time.
Webinars serve as an effective platform to showcase your services, answer questions in real-time, and interact with your target audience in a meaningful way.
They immediately put you & your company as THE solution to your market’s needs.

Builds Pipeline

Traditional tactics, such as cold calling and trade show marketing, are no longer as effective as they once were.
Webinars can build your pipeline full of interested leads…in a matter of days not months.
More so, webinars decrease sales cycles, speeding up the lead to close timing.

Increases Profitability

In today’s economy, the primary goal of any company is to grow profitably.
Webinars are powerful marketing systems that generate high quality leads at lower costs than other digital marketing activities. Additionally, they can be run over & over again – with little to no market fatigue.

What Happens After The Initial Webinar Campaign?

Our engagement starts with an initial webinar campaign designed to gather insights and benchmarks for future campaigns. After our initial webinar campaign, we will discuss options for continued webinars, whether that’s us providing full-service or just lightweight consulting around the campaigns.

Once we have a clear picture of the KPIs and advertising costs, then we can create a forecast for doing xx events over xx months. This is the gateway to optimization and scale.

When it’s time to scale up, it’s all about calculated growth. We increase your marketing spend in a calculated way, aiming to expand your business significantly. This is the exciting part where the groundwork laid in the earlier phases starts to pay off.

Even after scaling up, we keep looking for ways to improve. We continually try new ideas, tweaking and testing your webinar content, landing pages, and ads. Our goal is to maintain strong ROI and find new ways to help your business grow profitably through webinar campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

We are not just a webinar marketing agency; we are your strategic partner in growth. With our expertise in webinar marketing, we help you not only reach your target audience but engage them in a meaningful way that drives results. Our commitment to your success (ROI) coupled with our holistic approach, makes us the ideal choice for businesses looking to leverage the power of webinars.

A Few Client Case Studies


Brad’s Coaching Programs: 100's of Inbound Calls Each Quarter

3,312 B2B Webinar Registrants. 321 High Quality Calls. $1.6M+ New Revenue.

Brad’s journey with Be Known transformed his investment coaching & consulting firm. By integrating webinars into their marketing strategy, we’ve generated hundreds of high quality leads every quarter, which has also doubled his team’s close rate. Over 12 months, Brad’s webinars attracted 3,312 registrants at a avg. cost of $6 per, leading to 321 highly qualified booked calls on his team’s calendars. Selling services ranging from $3,000 to $25,000, Brad’s firm saw an extraordinary increase in revenue – an additional $1.6 million attributed from these webinars.


Michelle’s Sales Training Courses: $1.7M in 18 Months

Launching Products with Impact: $52K in a Weekend & $1.7M In 18 Months

Michelle’s sales training company skyrocketed to success with our strategic use of virtual events. Leveraging her existing email list and social media following, we promoted a new webinar to these audiences followed by a targeted email campaign. The result: a staggering 250 sales of her product over a single weekend. Over the following 18 months, we helped add ~1.7 million dollars into her business, all thanks to the power of well-executed webinars & virtual events.


Dan’s Dog Training Programs: 320+ New Customers

10,500 Registrants. 328 New Customers.

We got connected with his business during a time when they were struggling to get a better ROI from their marketing. Over the past 12 months, we’ve helped his business get back on track by focusing on what works – webinars. One of our most successful campaigns brought in 10,500 high quality webinar registrants over 60 days at a cost of $2.82 per, which resulted in 328 new customers for his business. This turnaround was not just about numbers; it was about strategically using webinars to reinvigorate the business and steer it back to profitable growth.


Using Emails + Paid Ads: 1,220% Improvement In ROI

Up To A 12X ROI When Using Emails + Paid Ads Together

Our approach to virtual event campaigns consistently outperforms other marketing efforts. When we supplement these campaigns with paid ads in addition to emails & social media posts, the results are even more impressive for clients: between a 5X – 12X return quarterly.

Webinar Types For Every Need

Be Known offers flexible, integrated end-to-end marketing solutions tailored to a wide range of webinar formats. Whether it’s for tradeshows, seminars, product launches, industry meetups, or other live events, our webinars are customized to suit your specific goals and initiatives.

Lead Generating Webinars: This is the most common type of webinar campaign we execute for clients. Engage potential customers with educational content about your products and services, effectively guiding them further down the sales funnel.

Product Demonstration Webinars: Perfect for a complex or technical product or service. We’ll guide you through demonstrating its features in detail to an audience that’s already interested and closer to making a purchase decision.

Panelist Discussion Webinars: Engage in insightful discussions with industry experts, including Q&A sessions that allow for real-time interaction and knowledge sharing.

Thought Leadership Webinars: Position yourself as an industry expert, showcasing your expertise and insights. These webinars are excellent for establishing credibility and extracting a large quantity of content clips.

Customer Onboarding Webinars: Foster strong relationships with new customers by providing comprehensive product tutorials and guidance, ensuring they feel valued and supported from the start.

New Feature Webinars: Excite your existing customers with live or on-demand webinars showcasing new features or updates, enhancing their user experience and offering added value.

Corporate Communications Webinars: Connect with your remote workforce effectively. Broadcast important announcements and engage employees globally, ensuring everyone is informed and involved.

Our varied webinar formats are designed to meet a spectrum of business needs, from internal training to external marketing and communications. With Be Known, you have a partner that understands the nuances of each format, ensuring your webinars are effective, engaging, and aligned with your strategic goals.

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Be Known is a Tennessee-based marketing firm that has been revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape since 2018. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of companies add an extra $100,000 to $1MM+ to their bottom line with high impact webinars.

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Our philosophy is simple: we believe the goal of marketing is to make more money.

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Common Reasons Why
Webinars Don’t Get Results

Little To No Customer Lifetime Value

A lot of companies don’t think strategically about the appropriate products and/or price points to sell prospects off the back of their webinars.

Most commonly, they try to sell products/services that are too cheap. This can lead to a low ROI and not making back the money spent on marketing. The true success of a webinar isn’t measured solely by immediate sales; it’s about nurturing a relationship that leads to a high ROI through a low cost per acquisition (CPA) compared to lifetime customer value (CLV or LTV).

Remember, a webinar shouldn’t be just about selling one thing one time. Your webinar should serve as a starting point for customer engagement, opening the door to a series of interactions and offers. A successful marketing webinar marketing system is part of a broader, well-thought-out customer ascension & expansion plan.

At Be Known, we design webinar campaigns to be an integral part of your sales process, not just a one-off event. This ensures there are multiple touchpoints for customer engagement and conversion over time – leading to sustained business growth and a healthier bottom line.

Lack of Multiple Touchpoints

Many businesses fail to capitalize on the full potential of webinar marketing systems by not including ways for registrants to take action before, during and after the webinar itself.

A sole focus on just the live event limits the opportunity to generate an adequate ROI. The true power of webinars lies in an orchestrated, continuous flow of interaction that encourages action at every stage.

At Be Known, our campaigns involve crafting a seamless, automated flow that drives conversions via the pages, emails, webinar slides, and advertising (remarketing). This means that we create webinar marketing systems that present opportunities for registrants to take action before, during and after the webinar itself. We integrate strategic touch points across the various stages:

  • Pre-Webinar: Through compelling landing pages and targeted emails, we start the conversion process early. We craft these assets in such a way to compel prospects to “take action immediately”.
  • During Webinar: The webinar slides and presentation are not only informative but also conversion-focused. We help you create real-time opportunities for attendees to ask questions, take action and convert.
  • Post-Webinar: The conversions don’t end with the webinar. We implement strategic remarketing through retargeting ads and follow-up emails to keep the conversions flowing in.

In creating these multiple touchpoints, our goal is to maximize the value of each registration. By providing multiple opportunities for conversion, we help businesses not only increase immediate sales but also build a foundation for ongoing results.

This leads to sustained business growth and a healthier bottom line, ensuring that your investment in webinars delivers the returns you seek.


Insufficient Quality Registrations

Many companies focus solely on the quantity of registrations or attendees…worse still, most companies don’t even hit their target sign ups. The success of a webinar isn’t just about getting a lot of registrations; it’s about attracting the right audience. While a high registration count increases the potential for more conversions, what’s more crucial is attracting quality attendees genuinely interested in what you offer.

Without a strong promotion & advertising system to bring in the right audience, even the best webinars can fall flat.

Just like when companies don’t think carefully about what to sell, not getting the right audience (or any audience at all) can lead to a low return on what you spend on marketing.

At Be Known, we don’t just boost your sign-up numbers; we target and engage a high-quality audience that’s aligned with your message, ensuring that every participant is a potential customer. Our expert use of optimal advertising channels is tailored to bring in the most receptive and relevant audience.

We understand that your webinar is a key part of a bigger plan. We make sure we bring in the most amount of the right people, congruent to the plans we mutually create in the beginning. This way, your campaigns hit targets and your ROI keeps getting better.

Lackluster Presentation and Offer

Getting the right people to register for your webinar is only half the battle. The real test is keeping them interested during the webinar and convincing them to take action on your offer.

Many webinars fail due to unengaging content or a weak value proposition. At Be Known, we focus on helping our clients craft webinars that are not just well-designed but also speak directly to what your audience wants and needs.

We take the time to really understand your audience’s pain points to help shape a webinar that speaks directly to these problems & desires.

We design a presentation that showcases case studies that your audience can relate to and provide actionable insights. This makes sure that your offer is clearly outlined to fit perfectly with what they need.

Just like how some companies don’t get the right people to register in the first place, a weak presentation or offer can also lead to low ROI.

At Be Known, we don’t just let you craft the presentation on your own – we know better than that. That’s why we consult you through crafting a presentation that converts & then we’ll design the slides for you (if needed).

A successful webinar presentation is all about informing and compelling with bits of education sprinkled throughout – increasing the likelihood of conversion.